Tantra Massage

What is Tantra Massage

Tantra Massage, in the way that I practise it, is a very heartfelt experience. My signature Blissful Touch Tantric Massage is a beautiful blend of flowing strokes and aromatherapy techniques. Energy points are massaged throughout,
The benefits of Tantra

Though Tantra has its roots in the Ancient World in the East, it has much relevance for modern society. Many of us live our lives centred on ambition, achievement and money. This throws our lives out of balance and can result in illness, depression and lack of energy. Tantra is all about getting balance into our lives and nurturing our life forces. Regular practice of Tantra will improve your health and well-being. It will enable you to focus on the important things such as relationships with those you love and take value from the simple pleasures of life.


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