Available now every thursday after 6pm and friday all day
What is a nuru massage:
Also known as ‘Body slide massage’ Nuru has in recent years become the massage of choice in the U.K. For those seeking new found levels of sensual stimulation .
there is nothing quite like it. Nuru is a Japanese word meaning ‘slippery’ and this comes about because of the Nuru gel that is used during the massage. The gel itself is made from ‘Nori’ which is deep seaweed, this enables the masseuse to slide easily across the clients body bringing blissful pleasure to every erogenous zone. The massage begins with the masseuse warming the cool gel in her hands before rubbing it across the clients entire body. The gel is odourless and tasteless, but will create an amazing slippery sensation that heightens the enjoyment. The masseuse proceeds by sliding her entire body across the clients giving sensual and relaxing fulfillment. The massage has detoxifying and cleansing properties and will leave you feeling incredible from head to toe. If you want to experience this sensual and erotic experience why not try a Nuru massage today.


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